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What can we say about Baldy Bearded Barcls Firstly his real name is john. He’s a tall bald Scotsman who loves whisky, BJJ and MMA but not necessary all at the same time. He grew his first beard Dec 2019 shaved it after 4 weeks, instantly regretted the decision (he had been using poor quality oils) and started growing it back using some small batch beard products. Previous to beard products he would review shaving soaps, creams, razors and blades on the shaving forum badger and blade. Getting to know the brands, characters behind the brands and the other reviewers in this community has been a real highlight for John and has made the whole Covid lockdown much more bearable. John has been involved in the Scottish chapter of the Bearded Villains since June and recently received his villain patch.

Companies Which Have Been Reviewed

Products Which Have Been Reviewed

Smoked Amber By Beard Tings
Winter In The Longhouse By The Bald Viking
Basic Viking Oil And Balm By Vikings Mane

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