Beard Manners

The Beard Manners story began in February 2021. After many years of researching and trailing various products, oils, butters and waxes I decided to put my experience and knowledge into producing a great product.

For many men a beard is so much more than just a style! It is a way of life and also a passage to becoming apart of a truly amazing and strong community. Beard Manners is a brand that was made out of a huge passion for beards of all shapes and sizes. As well as producing great products, we also supply blogs and vlogs with hints and tips but we are also more than happy to try and answer any questions.

The base of our products is an even balance of 6 carrier oils that give us that perfect consistency for absorption to the beard and skin, as well as supplying all of the major requirements that our beloved beards require. We are also CPSR approved which is actually a legal requirement with in the EU and UK.

The main reason behind Beard Manners is the absolute passion that we share for such a great community and way of life. For me, growing a beard gave me a new found confidence that led to me becoming a better person, a better husband and a better dad. I developed my own style and have been on a journey that has led me to meet some fantastic people. We want to help other men to find this balance.

The only question is…do you want to give your beard some Beard Manners?

Reviewers Used

Reviews Received

The Old Fashioned Rum beard oil and balm by Docks Bearded Reviews
Cherry & Spice Beard Butter by Docks Bearded Reviews
Raspberry Ripple Beard Oil by By Tony The Bearded Brit
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Oil by Coggers Corner
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Butter by John Fire Beard
Raspberry Ripple Beard Butter by Tony The Bearded Brit
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Butter by Coggers Corner