Big Phat Beard

Big Phat Beard are a small batch beard care company working out of Belfast, Ireland. We began March 2020 and officially sold our first products on 1st July the same year.

At Big Phat Beard we are advocates for 100% natural & ethical products ensuring there are no artificial ingredients in our range, we want to bring you the very best in beard care the UK has to offer. Each different part of our products are ethically sourced from a reputable supplier thus cementing what we strive for in beard care. We are fully CPSR compliant both in the EU and UK as these are a legal requirements in the industry, DONT ACCEPT ANY LESS!

Our aim is to continually strive to produce nothing but the highest standard beard products for all you folk here in the UK with a view to incorporating a fully functional barber shop for all your beard grooming needs, UK WIDE!

With new products and lots of R&D going on in the background there are exciting times for us here at Big Phat Beard so keep an eye on us. While your here and reading this check out are website which is linked and feel free to check out all the reviews done by our trusted reviewers.

Reviewers Used

Reviews Received

Sweet Sweet Botanic Nectar By Docks Bearded Reviews
Wood Chop By The Bearded Yorkshire Lad
Big Phat Hair By Docks Bearded Reviews
Oriental Whiff By Coggers Corner
Wood Chop By Tony The Bearded Brit
Oriental Whiff By Tony The Bearded Brit
Black Soap By Tony The Bearded Brit
Mercury Air By The Bearded Yorkshire Lad
Lunar Solace By Docks Bearded Reviews
Mercury Air Beard Oil By Tony The Bearded Brit