Coggers Corner

My name is Tom, i'm married and have 4 young daughters. Trying to find the time for reviewing between family life and work can be tough however its always a nice break being able to sit down and type up a review which allows me to unwind.
I have had a form of facial hair for around 8 years which has ranged from stubble all the way to a full length beard at around 8 inches. People ask about beard goals and i honestly don't have have one, as I'm just going to keep going with the odd trim.
I started reviewing back in Jan 2019 and I have had the pleasure of reviewing loads of different scents and products which have allowed me to gain a deep product knowledge. My reviewing style has changed over the time however its good to look back to see your growth and improvements.
The main reason why I started reviewing was the fact I enjoy putting down my thoughts but combining that with my my beard care routine and it was a no brainer.
I have met many great people whilst reviewing and have learnt loads from some great friends and people within the community.

Companies Which Have Been Reviewed

Products Which Have Been Reviewed

Oriental Whiff by Big Phat Beard
Caribbean Cut Throat By Beard Tings
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Oil by Beard Manners
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Butter by Beard Manners

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