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Docks Bearded Reviews has been buzzing around the small batch industry since 2019 where he has used various different products from locally sourced to super market brands. Having the designer stubble look from a young adult age it was only 2019 where he decided to grow a full beard. Stepping into beard product reviews, he co-created the reviewing trio which formed Bearded Bear Reviews. Creating waves within the UK industry, Docks quickly made a name for himself with his flamboyant writing style and live streams within the trio and causing controversy where ever he went. Breaking away to form his own website and independent reviews, Docks has been a driving force behind the fake reviewers call out and has endeavoured to push UK small batch companies who are compliant with UK law. As a continued ambition to unify great reviewers and companies within the UK, Docks has co-created the UK Beard Portal with an aim to put all the information for consumers at the tip of their fingertips and to avoid the fake reviews which are so widely seen now days.
A member of The Bearded Rebellion and UK secretary, Dan helps to ensure smooth running for the UK chapter with other board members

Companies Which Have Been Reviewed

Products Which Have Been Reviewed

Caribbean Cut Throat By Beard Tings
Botanic Nectar By Big Phat Beard
Big Phat Monster Brush By Big Phat Beard
Big Phat Monster Brush By Big Phat Beard
Lemongrass Beard Oil By Bigfoot Beard Co
Exotic Mango Balm By Bigfoot Beard Co
Exotic Mango Oil By Bigfoot Beard Co
Exotic Mango Soap By Bigfoot Beard Co
Dark Night By Runesilk
“Exile” The Hobo By Hobo Head
A “Desolate” Experience? By Hobo Head
A “Gold” Beard Butter By Crooked Anchor
Bergamot And Orange Beard Oil By Crooked Anchor
Yule Magic Beard Oil By Odin’s Beard
White Magic Beard Butter By Odin’s Beard
Storslyn Beard Oil By FaceFur
Storslyn Beard Balm By FaceFur
Solitude Beard Oil By Brenin Beard Co
Buccaneer Beard Oil By Brenin Beard Co
Berserkers Rage By The Bald Viking
Unscented Heavy Butter By The Bald Viking
The Old Fashioned Rum beard oil and balm by Beard Manners
Cherry & Spice Beard Butter by Beard Manners
Ostara Magic Beard Oil By Odin’s Beard
Blood Orange And Bergamot Beard Butter By The Clansman Beard Company
Krampus Beard Oil By The Bearded Elite

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