Fuzz Buzz

Our mission is to help the men of Britain to tame and grow their facial hair, whatever their beard style. We want to help their goatee beards look great, their Hagrid beards to smell better, their monkey tail beards to be less laughable and their Tony Stark beards to really pop. So whether you have a ginger beard, a chinny beard, a neck beard, thick, thin or wispy beard then just remember, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 

Fuzz Buzz, provides high quality beard balm and oil, that is a unique blend of oils enriched with caffeine. Not only does it help to heal your skin and improve your beard, it also helps to encourage growth. So, whether you are just starting out or already have wizard length growth, we have created high quality products for you.

Fuzz Buzz is a husband and wife partnership with an amazing dual company. Fuzz Buzz is a partner company with Dunearn Hill Handmade Soap Co. When a customer is buying something for themselves then they can also have the pleasure of buying something special for their partner.


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