John Fire Beard

Hey everyone, my names John. I'm 32 from Manchester born and raised, so It won't come as a shock when I say support Manchester United. I am engaged and have two kids who I live with in Derbyshire. My hobbies include sports, gaming, camping, hiking astronomy and cooking. I have worked in warehousing most of my adult working life dipping my toe in other areas of work here and there.
I have always had some sort of stubble or form of facial hair but wasn't serious about growing it properly until April 2020 during the UK's first covid lockdown. This was the same time I became a norse pagan loving and believing in Norse culture and mythology. The first beard products I discovered were from The Beard Struggle where I met people who would eventually become my other family from the North West of England. During my time at TBS I heard hate towards the brand so I decided to research why and discovered a whole new world to the UK bearded community. I discovered more brands like Bigfoot Beard Co, BeardTings and BigPhat Beard around Christmas 2020 I bought some products and tried them realising there was better products out there. This made me want to spread my wings and leave TBS to try and get myself a golden star plaque on the UK beard community hall of fame.

Companies Which Have Been Reviewed

Products Which Have Been Reviewed

Farnir Beard Soap By By Odins Beard Crafts
The Rum Old Fashioned Beard Butter by Beard Manners
Hobo Life, “Lorn” and “Redemeption” Beard Oils by Hobo Head
“Gentleman’s Old Fashioned” Beard Oil By Papa Tweed’s
“Passionfruit And Mango” Beard Oil By The Bearded Viking

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