The Bearded Viking

As the owner and creator of The Bearded Viking, i have had a beard on and off since 2021. In that time I have attempted to grow a full beard on numerous occasions. Suffering with sensitive skin especially on my face, I have used products to help ease the itch however on most occasions these haven’t helped and forced me to shave it all off.

In late 2019 I decided to had to be fully bearded and i needed to find a way to do it using products suitable for my skin condition. I started experimenting with different carrier oils and created a beard blend based off of what truly helped me. Soon after this i started to experiment with natural butters and with great success. I finally had my oil, my butter which stopped the fuel frenzied itch. Leading in 2020 and I began to experiment with fragrance and essential oils to bring a new life into my personal products.

After some amazing feedback from friends and family, I decided to dive deep into my own beard brand by investing in getting my products CPSR tested and safety approved. As of April 2021, The Bearded Viking was born.

Our goal as a company is to create the best quality, honest products and we strive to help every man.

Stay Bearded And be More Viking

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“Passionfruit And Mango” Beard Oil By John FireBeard