The Bearded Yorkshire Lad

My name is Johnny, I am 33 years old (I know, I look younger, right?) and I live in Gods own country or more commonly known as Yorkshire. I first grew a beard back in 2017 for around 6 months before fucking it off. I used shop bought products and didn't really know how to properly care for my beard. Fast forward to 2019 and my second attempt at growing a beard is going a lot better as its still on my face. Through social media I have found loads of small batch companies with far better natural ingredients than most bigger, commercial brands. In 2020 I decided to start reviewing products to try and create more brand awareness for these small companies that are battling the giants in a David vs Goliath scenario. What better way to bring them attention by creating informative reviews however introducing my own twisted sense of humour. I don't aim to be YouTube famous but if I can instil trust in a brand which will help them gain a few more sales then that will do me.

Companies Which Have Been Reviewed

Products Which Have Been Reviewed

Vanilla Killa By Beard Tings
Black Oak And Smoked Amber By Beard Tings
Mercury Air By Big Phat Beard
Wood Chop By Big Phat Beard
The Silk Road By Runesilk
Shield Maiden By The Bald Viking

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